Making Canada's Bail System Fairer, Faster, and Less Expensive.

SmartBail increases efficiency, decreases bias and reduces unnecessary detention in Canada’s bail system, making the process better for all and saving potentially millions in taxpayer dollars.

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Canada’s bail system is in crisis.

Canada’s inefficient, biased and manual bail process results in thousands of legally innocent individuals being unnecessarily detained and the overrepresentation of certain communities in pre-trial detention.

140,000+ Canadians

detained in pre-trial custody last year

$2.08 Billion

spent on custody supervision last year

We have an answer.

SmartBail accurately and objectively assesses pre-trial risk, giving decision-makers the insight to process individuals awaiting bail quickly, fairly, and at a significantly lower cost to taxpayers.

Assess an Individual’s Pre-Trial Risk with Greater Accuracy

Assess Pre-Trial Risk with Greater Accuracy

Accurately assess the likelihood an individual released on bail will fail to appear or be charged with a new offence.

Reduce Court System and Detention Costs

Reduce Court System and Detention Costs

Process bail cases faster, more efficiently use legal aid resources, and reduce the burden on pre-trial detention centres.

Improve Objectivity of Bail Assessments

Improve Objectivity of Bail Assessments

Reduce bias in Canada’s bail system and provide additional protection for vulnerable and legally innocent people.

How SmartBail Works

Focus On What’s Relevant

Focus On What’s Relevant

Users are prompted to fill in information about the individual that our data analysis has found to correlate with the risk of being charged with new offenses or failing to appear to hearings.*1

Easy To Use Interface

Users can quickly and easily fill in the individual’s background information into our platform.

Easy To Use Interface 1
Easy To Use Interface 2

Accurate Assessment Reports Instantly

Accurate Assessment Reports Instantly

Our application processes this background information through its algorithm and instantly generates an accurate assessment report of the individual’s pre-trial risk.

Detailed and Fully Transparent Explanations

Our application provides a detailed and fully transparent explanation of why it arrived at an assessment, empowering decision-makers with actionable insights.*2

Detailed and Fully Transparent Explanations

  1. The type of information requested about the defendant in this example is for illustration purposes only. It is based on our analysis of data from a U.S. jurisdiction and may not apply to a Canadian jurisdiction.
  2. The explanation provided in this report is for illustration purposes only. It does not reflect the results of an actual assessment report.

Our Partners

The Team

SmartBail is built by a team of legal and technology experts on a mission to improve the efficiency and equity of our bail system.

Fahad Diwan

Founder & CEO

Fahad is a lawyer called to the Bar of Ontario with common and civil law degrees from McGill University. He is an experienced social entrepreneur and previously worked on a technological solution for the Access to Justice problem in Canada’s legal system. Fahad spends his free time studying machine learning and learning to code.

Ardalan Benam

Lead Engineer

Ardalan is an engineer and an experienced AI developer with a Master of Computer Science degree from Simon Fraser University. He was selected to participate in the exclusive Next 36 program provided by NEXT Canada. In his spare time, Ardalan teaches courses on machine learning.

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